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10 Positive Self-Talk Phrases Use Daily to Stay Calm

We have tens of thousands of thoughts popping up in our heads daily, but very few of us are mindful of what goes on in our minds. Do you know how these inner voices shape your brain and overall well-being?

I have written about the three forms of self-talk in my last post, including the consequences of negative self-talk, and how you can stop them.

Today, let’s talk about the power of positive self-talk, and how you can utilize it to build inner strength, increase your confidence, and live a more fulfilling life.


Positive self-talk includes motivational self-talking, such as “I can do it!”, “I am doing it really well!”, “I am feeling awesome!”

Motivational self-talk can boost our confidence and self-esteem. Not just that, by repeating the same words to ourselves, these messages could reach our deep subconscious minds, and our brains will be reprogrammed accordingly.

One interesting fact!

It is found that 95% of our brain’s activities are unconscious, meaning that the majority of the decisions we make, our emotions and behaviors, are driven by the 95% of the brain activity that lies beyond conscious awareness.

Wow! This means that the words we say to ourselves, all the self-talks we have, the labeling people or ourselves give to us, can actually create an enormous effect on our backend system, which directly affects our output.

How can we make use of self-talk to reprogram our brain?

These are the 10 daily positive self-talk phrases I have compiled to use in daily life. You can make adjustments on top of these based on your own scenarios and compile your own daily power phrases!

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My go-to mantras are usually:

  1. Short but powerful
  2. With positive affirmation, and avoid using negative words
  3. With emotions embedded (you got to believe in it!)

1. Every Day, In Every Way, I Am Getting Better And Better. 

This is a self-help mantra from Emile Coue, the great French psychologist.

I repeat it more than 10 times daily with affirmation and emotions. This is a powerful statement that we can use in all areas of life. Similarly, you can change this mantra to other forms that you want to get better at, such as “Every day, I am getting better at speaking up in front of people”.

I have this phrase written in all my planners and notebooks and use it as a reminder for myself that I am moving forward daily. It always gives me so much power inside and motivates me to improve myself continuously.

2. I Have The Power to Reshape My Brain And Learn Anything.

Believe that you are the master of your body and mind. Whenever you are doubting yourself, feeling all negative about yourself, remind yourself that you are changing and improving every day.

All these positive little habits you are doing right now, including reading on this blog are going to reshape your brain for long-term wellbeing.

3. I Am Proud of Myself for Trying And Making Progress Daily.

Appreciate and reward yourself with every little progress you are making. Remember Confucius’s wise wordIt does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop”.

You will be amazed by the progress you are making if you keep up the consistency. I believe success is not determined by one or two tries, but by consistency.

Consistent effort will lead to success ahead.

4. I am A Fearless Little Fighter.

Labeling has a strong impact on the brain, and you will become what you believe in. Give yourself a nice little label like this on what you want to be. I like mine because it always gives me strength and a smile on my face.

5. Everything Happens for A Reason And A Purpose, I Have Given My All.

This is the most helpful self-talk phrase to me, and I constantly tell myself daily. What this phrase is saying is that I accept whatever is not in my control, which includes uncertainty, or any outcomes that are lower than my expectation.

It can also be helpful when you feel you have not done well in something, or on any past regrets. Tell yourself that you have given your all and that’s all it matters.

6. I Can Do Anything that I Set My Mind To.

When your mind is telling you that you can’t do it, fight back with this powerful mantra.

7. I Am Precious And Unique. There Is Only One Single Me In This Whole Universe.

This mantra has helped me in my darkest days. When I was younger, there were times I struggled with depression, questioning my existence. It helped me so much, to realize that there is only one ME in this world.

Earth has been here for 4.5 billion years, and over 100 billion people lived on this planet, but there is only one me. How can I not treasure this life, and how can I not live my life to the fullest.

8. Everything Will Work Out.

There will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

9. I Can Do This! I Trust Myself And My Ability.

Always believe in yourself, you are your most reliable partner of all time!

10. I Am Safe, Calm, And Enough.

There was a period of time when I felt really negative and irritable. I can’t figure out the reason for feeling blue and I don’t even have the motivation to cheer myself up. Until one day I was sitting on the bus, traveling aimlessly around the city and looking at the landscape outside. One thought suddenly appeared to me and my world just lit up instantly.

It’s the thought that I’m sitting here, safe and sound, alive and breathing. I put this quote on my wallpaper to remind me daily that it’s a blessing that we are alive with everything we have.

I can’t feel more grateful and happy to appreciate the fact that I am here. It might be the most basic thing, but it simply gives me strength and pure joy.

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Hope these phrases can bring you strength and power in your daily life, just like how they have helped me.

Share with me the mantra that gives you strength in the comment below.

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