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We all can feel extremely anxious sometimes. From meeting deadlines to making a public speech to financial concerns. The list

Do you keep a journal when you were young? I do. I used to feel my journal is my best


Almost every one of us have intrusive thoughts before. Those little disturbing, harmful thoughts jumped into your mind out of

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I am a highly sensitive person (HSP). Growing up, I always see my personality as a weakness of mine as

reasons to stay alive book

The first self-help book I want to recommend to you is this great novel and memoir written by novelist Matt

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Mr Toad has always been a cheerful and well-dressed man, but some things seemed to have changed recently. He hides

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Have you sometimes had a scary thought flash through your mind? When you are standing on top of a tall

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I came across the term harm OCD when I was a third-year university student. I clearly remember how it started.

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Do you often hear people saying you are too sensitive? You might belong to the 20% of the population. Here are 10 common highly sensitive person traits and coping strategies.

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Weekly Calm Reminder In Your Mailbox

Receive a calm reminder from me every Tuesday. My goal is to give you a little boost to move through the week with calmness and strength.