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Feeling Down for No Reason? Try These 5 Things Now to Be Happy

We all have days when we are feeling down for no reason. We might be laughing till we cry the previous night, and feeling all blue waking up the next morning.

It’s alright. Unhappiness is just one of the emotions we all experience and it occurs with the same probability as happiness, sadness, stress, anger, or anxiety.

It’s completely fine feeling other emotions other than happiness. Just like we all enjoy the sunshine, we also have to accept the days when the skies are grey or even with a raging storm.

What shall we do when we are feeling down for no reason?

When we are feeling down for no reason, we need to help ourselves to regulate our mood.

We do not need to try to suppress our emotions but we can learn to feel better emotionally by actively regulating our mood.

The ability to regulate our mood is actually a crucial skill to possess. There are many research studies published by scholars on the importance of emotional intelligence. (Highly recommend this book by Dr. Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence)

Emotional intelligence (EQ) determines our ability to recognize, differentiate, and manage our emotions and the emotions of others. It is not just about self-regulation, but also about understanding our emotions and our surroundings.

Accordingly to the book Emotional Intelligence, emotional intelligence is the largest single predictor of success in the workplace. A high EQ could help us reduce stress, and regain the confidence and happiness we need when we are facing setbacks.

Today, I will share 5 things I do to regulate my mood when I am feeling down for no reason, and these simple activities allow you to be happy instantly!

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1. Find The Source of Distress And Attend to It

Emotions are often caused by our thoughts. Little thoughts on your daily events and activities could play a huge part in your emotional well-being. Many times I do not realize I am overly stressed out until my body is showing me the signs by giving me an ulcer in the mouth or a pimple on the face.

Your negative emotions could also be a sign to you.

Are you stressed out from your work or a certain task? Have you been taking care of yourself by having a healthy routine?

It’s a good time to check in with yourself, take a break, and give yourself the care you need.

Even if you are having a busy day today, give yourself a few minutes to have some deep relaxation.

The best form of relaxation has to combine both full relaxation in our mind and our body. I have previously shared 5 tips on how to achieve deep relaxation, try it out. When your body is relaxed, your stress level would also reduced.

At the same time, penning down your thoughts is always a good way to declutter your mind and understand where is your source of stress. Download Your Calm Corner’s free mindfulness journal to pen down your thoughts.

2. Engage Your 5 Senses Again

You can engage all of your 5 senses – Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch, to fulfill all dimensions of happiness.


Look at anything that makes you feel pleasant and calm.

It would be best if you can go out and take a stroll around the neighborhood. Just slow down your pace, and be mindful of your surroundings. I bet you can discover some new surprises even though you are so familiar with the area.

Look around you, and see if there are any people walking past. What do they look like? Are they rushing on their way? Or they are looking like they are having a great day.

Oh! And now someone notices you and gives you a smile.

Little moments like this bring a little happiness, isn’t it?

The life around you seems different when you put down the stuff you do and actually observe with a pair of curious eyes.

visit scenery to feel happy when feeling down for no reason

If you prefer to be indoors, then look at something that cheers you up. Or just Google and search images on ‘cream dachshund’. It puts on a smile on my face 100% of the time.


Listening to my favorite music is my usual go-to solution to lift myself up. If I am sitting in front of my laptop in the office, I would put on some happy or energetic music, and sit up straight. This can get me happier very quickly.

If I am by myself, I would put on some natural sound music, and do a few deep breaths. This way, I am not only feeling more uplifted but also calmer.


If you are sensitive to smell like me, aromatherapy could be for you.

Aromatherapy is a form of holistic healing treatment that uses plant materials including essential oils for the purpose of altering one’s mood, cognitive, psychological, or physical well-being.

Different scents could have different health benefits for you, such as the scent of jasmine has been found to be able to lift up one’s mood and re-energize the mind.


Many of us often overindulge ourselves in food when we are feeling down. I do not encourage that as often when we are feeling down, our level of self-control is also reduced. You may experience adverse impacts from overeating, not just it brings harm to your digestive system, but could also lead to more stress after the meal.

I am not against it if you are eating some delicacy to treat yourself. When I am having a bad mood, I always look for my favorite food and pamper myself a little.

Food like chocolate, banana, or berries has also proven to be able to lift up your mood. Regardless of how healthy these food are, always remember don’t overeat and achieve the balance you need!


Take a warm bath, and get yourself a big and warm and cozy hug.

Hugging has been proven to be an effective way of minimizing stress and increasing the level of happiness. Hugging yourself can also help to reduce the ‘stress hormone’ and some tension in you.

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3. Do Some Cardio

It is found that exercise can be as effective as antidepressants in some cases. Cardio exercise produces endorphins, which is a chemical produced by our nervous system which could trigger a positive feeling in the body that may improve your sense of well-being and overall mood.

Many recommend doing cardio 3 to 4 times per week with at least 30 mins per session and getting your heart rate up to 50 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate.

Having sufficient exercise is definitely a good habit to keep up. If you feel starting is too difficult for you, you can start with a shorter session.

In fact, just standing up and doing 5 minutes of stretching or workouts can boost your energy and mood.

4. Get Some Fresh Air and Some Sunlight

I start to appreciate being able to go outdoors freely and have some fresh air, especially living in the covid times. Breathing in the fresh air always gives me rejuvenation.

It is also found that having some sunlight daily could be the fastest way to gain happiness. When you are exposed to the sun, your brain will release more serotonin – the substance that can improve your mood, and help you to feel calm and focused.

Green is a color that makes us feel calm and rested. Just looking at green gives you the feeling of vibrancy and growth. Going outdoors and being with nature again could help you regain the peace and calmness inside.

An intensive review published by the researchers has again proven how living in green and close to nature can have such positive benefits on our mental well-being.

It is found that by spending as much as time possible in nature settings and cultivated gardens, the negative effects of stress will be reduced. The positive impacts could even extend to people’s psychological, physical, cognitive, spiritual, and social well-being.

5. Do Something That Gives You A Sense of Accomplishment

When we are feeling down, we tend to lose all motivation in doing things. In scenarios like this, you need to first change your physical state. Do not stay in the same position, get up and do something that is easy and can give you a sense of accomplishment.

For example, clear up your desk, tidy up your areas a little, or just tidy up your folders on your desktop. I usually will stand up and do my dishes and sweep the floor a little. It helps to lift up my mood seeing the area is all cleaned and shining again.

By doing these tasks, not just do you feel a little sense of accomplishment, but you are also breaking the state of feeling down and overcoming your mental blocks.

These are the 5 things I do that helped me to be happier when I am feeling down for no reason.

Other ways that can help to regulate your mood include having a conversation about your troubles and feelings with your loved ones. Connecting with our peers and people who care about us can also provide us the support and strength inside.

Share with me in the comments on what are the things that make you feel happy.

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